The Song of Life

A Selection of Chan Sirisuwat's Poems
Tr. by Bei Ta
Examined and Corrected by Tu An

A Brief Introduction of the Author
Expressions and Thoughts on the Way of Life----Zhu Xianshu

Section 1

Praise of Life

Mangrove Forest
The Papaw Tree
Ode to the Root
The Wind in the High Mountain
The Sea
The Winter

Section 2

Memory of Love

The Matted Stick
Little Sparrows
The Ticktack of the Clock
The Memories of Phuket Island
Memory in the Sky
May 17th
Memory in a Raining Night
Love---the Only Eternity of Life

Section 3

The Time of Affection

In the Season When the Durians Are Fragrant
When We Are Still Young
Lost in Reveries
The Time of Love
The Heartfelt Wish at the Midnight
If the Heaven Falls Down
Looking Northward at Cathay
Anxious to Return
Reposing Words
The Spring Has Comes
In Memory of My Bosom Friend Kegong

Section 4

Random Gleanings from Life

Thoughts from a Tour in Kunming
Random Gleanings from Life
The Swallow's Soliloquy
Little Birds
The Flower Girl
The Salt Seller
The Beggar
The Daydream
The Chirp of a Cicada
The Goldfish in the Fish Jar
Water Buffaloes
No Title
To Wu Song
Ah Dou
The Dog Wearing a Tiger's Skin
The Big Crocodile Not Yet Dead
The Dog at Roadside
To Be a Leader on the Mars
Repentance Is Salvation
So That's How It Stands

Section 5

Reminiscence of My Tourist Traces

The Versailles Palace
Hamburg of West Germany
Milan of Italy
Travel in Holland
The Liberty in New York
New York

Section 6

China and the World

Aircraft Carrier Minsk
The Revelation from Football
The World Trade Center Has Fallen Down
Declare War against the Devil
My Friend, Please Put down Your Cup
China---My Dear Motherland
China Will Be Unified
Hold out Your Hand
The Summer in the Winter
The Star

A Brief Introduction of the Author

Chan Sirisuwat is a Tai Chinese, born in 1931. His origin is Wenchang county , Hainan province. The year 1948 saw him graduate from the famous college---Guangdong Qiongya Normal College (now named Hainan Qiongtai Normal College). When he was young, he went to Hong Kong with only three HK dollars in his pocket to make a living and after 20 years of hard work he became a successful entrepreneur. At the age of 65, he began his literary creation. His literary biography "3 HK Dollars to Make Living" was published in Sept. 2001, by Overseas Chinese Publishing House as one of The Library of Elitists of Overseas Chinese. Wang Guangying, the vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress wrote the book's name. "Selected Verses by Chan Sirisuwat"(both in Chinese and English) was published in Feb. 2002 by The Milky Way Publishing Com. in Hong Kong as one of The Library of Chinese and Foreign Famous Modern Poets. He also writes stories and poems and other literary pieces published in both Chinese and foreign newspapers and periodicals.

I dedicate this book to my dearest mother---Han Fengyu who gave me life, raised me, taught me and placed her hope on me.
---(Thailand) Chan Sirisuwat (Chan Yingdu)

Taken in homeland in Hainan Island in 1990 when mother was 84

Rooted in China

Dec 6, 2001 Beijing

Chan Sirisuwat(Chen Yingdu), Niramol Sirisuwat(Lin Xiushan), Thanapol Sirisuwat(Chen Weilian) and Duangthip Sirisuwat(Chen Meimei).

Expressions and Thoughts on the Way of Life
---On Mr. Chan Sirisuwat's Selection of Poems "The Song of Life"

Zhu Xianshu

Mr. Chan Sirisuwat is Thai Chinese entrepreneur. He has lived a hard life, yet become successful in his career by his own strong belief and willpower, outstanding intelligence and hard struggle. Now he has been in his seventies, but he began to realize his literary dream that he once had as a teenager. He writes biography, stories and poems published in domestic and foreign periodicals and presses. Certainly, the reason why Mr. Chan came back to the literary road is not searching for fame or benefits, but some kind of spiritual consolation: writing down his experiences and feelings as spiritual wealth left for offspring and society. When I once read his long biography "3 HK Dollars to Make Living" published in Sept, 2001 by Overseas Chinese Publishing House, I was deeply moved by his spirit of unyielding struggle. And now I read his Selection of Poems "The Song of Life" about to be published, listening to his song of soul on the way of life. I am moved much more and cannot help writing down my affections. I also wish that the readers might be moved.
Mr. Chan's understanding of life is true and deep. He says: "as a person living in society, what should he devote to the society during the tens of years of life? And what should he leave for his offspring? A man should not be like an animal only taking the natural law: birth---growing---maturing---senescence---death without any achievements for himself or any donations for the society. This is the question of life that I am always thinking about." Due to such a self-conscious cognition and such an active attitude, he has the poetic expression in the poem "Time":

In haste, you come
In haste, you go
You take away sorrows from this world
And also pleasures
Life disappears for your tortures
And will never come back
I will gild every inch of you
To fill all the grids of life
And you will accompany me wherever I go

Certainly, it's not enough for you to have the optimistic attitude toward life. Only when you really stick to and practice it in life and no difficulties, twists and turns can obstruct you will you truly realize this ideal of life. In fact, in the poem "Mangrove Forest---Seen in the Phuket Island in Thailand", he sang the praise of the mangroves to express the hard-bitten spirit that one should struggle for his ideal:

Rooted deeply in the sea bottom
You are proud to have your head sticking out of the water
One by one, the yachts are sliding by
No matter how the waves are attacking
You are still standing upright

You are courageously living and breeding
Never shrink from any storm
Never yield to the burning sun
You are still expanding your territory toward the depth of sea
To show your true qualities as a hero

Here I think of the sonorous and forceful lines by Li Qingzhao: "To live as an outstanding man, to die as a heroic ghost." Mr. Chan's life attitude can obviously be traced to the same origin, yet more optimistic and tenacious.
In Mr. Chan’s poetry, beside the expressions of the spirit of struggle, there is the wide, extensive and tender affection in his heart. Mr. Chan is a businessman, but he does not follow the selfish principle “If a man is not selfish, he will be extinguished by Heaven and Earth.” As for his essence of mind, he is edified by Chinese traditional culture. Kindness and love are deep-rooted in his heart, so he loves his homeland, parents, relatives and friends. Everywhere he thinks of others and feels pleasant to help others. He says:"It is a very beautiful thing for people to care for and help each others" and "We can get happiness and satisfactions from the pleasure of helping others." He also says:"I am not a billionaire, yet I have a warm and pathetic heart for billions of people." In the poem "Confession", he wrote:

I love the sun
It offers human beings light and warmth without asking any reward
I love the sea
It has surging waves and vast bosom
Without any selfishness
I love the high mountain
It fashions sublime virtues
And never lower its head to money or vanity

Please scatter the seeds of love
And enrich the life
Please spread out the picture of beauty
And beautify the life
Let the floating clouds of fame and gain
Be taken away by the wind

He compared himself as "weed":

You never surrender to the powerful sun
Being blown down by the gale
You stand up again
Being overwhelmed by the flood
You stand out of the water, more outstanding
Being covered by ice and snow
You grow up again next spring
Who gives you the courage and strength

I wish to add silently some green to this world
With poetic words

Though the position of weed is low, its will is strong and tough. Its aim is only to devote itself to others, which reveals a kind of spiritual strength.
In Mr. Chan's poetry, love is a kind of spirit, and even more a kind of humanistic and concrete expression. The poem on his mother is sincere and toughing. He wrote his affection to his mother through "a matted stick". Even when he heard the little sparrows in front of his gate and the ticktack of the bell, he would memorize his mother with deep affection. For example, he wrote in “The Threshold”:

The high threshold
Is the witness of my childhood
Mother was sitting on it
Weaving the split pants for me

The high threshold
Is now silently shedding tears
The past pleasure has gone
Where are you now, mom

He placed his feelings on objects and got feelings by touching objects, so his description was true-hearted, amiable and moving. Generally, Mr. Chan wrote about brotherhood, homesickness and friendship through memory and relation with profound affection while those poems employing concrete expressions of settings were also wonderful. For example, "The Heartfelt Wish at the Midnight" depicts love's sweetness:

Your light steps
Awake me silently from my dream
My heart stops beating
To prevent the sound of breath from disturbing your steps
I am carefully listening to your tenderness
And raise the night curtain
To prevent the moonlight from shining your eyes
Let's draw our hearts together
To prevent the time from going on

Through the description of real settings, he expresses a kind of fine and warm feeling that is also moving.
Mr. Chan has experienced the sea of business and discerned society and life, so there is love as well as hate in his world of feelings. He always unmercifully discloses the ugly things as written in "The Dog Wearing Tiger's Skin":

Don't approach it. It will bite you
Because you are barehanded with a bamboo hat
If you have a chicken's leg in your hand
It will follow you
Only if you are cruel and vicious
Only when you raise a wand
It will take to its heels

For some people like the dogs wearing tiger's hide, this kind of disclosure and satire is profound and acrid. The big crocodile depicted in "The Big Crocodile Not Yet Dead" shows

Like a pile of ochre stones
P1aced on a riverbank

In fact it is a conspiratorial waiting for the crocodile to have his eyes closed, mouth opened and body full of flies and leeches. At the end of the poem, the poet reminds the readers that:

Be careful. The big crocodile has not been dead
It is difficult for hi to change his nature. He will still eat men

Such a description is loaded with deep meaning and suggestions. There are penetrating criticisms on the faults of time in other poems such as "The Man with a Multiple Face", "A Minion", "Hypocrite" and "Repentance Is Salvation---to Mr. S", etc.
Above all, Mr. Chan's poems are true records of his thoughts, feelings, experiences and expressions on his way of life. What is moving is his sincerity without any affectedness. As for the artistic expression, he does not sedulously pursue the appliance of any method, so his verses appear to be more natural and fresh. From the point of poetic art, readers maybe think that there are some kinds of shortcomings, yet Mr. Chan’s excellence is really praiseworthy.
Finally, it should be mentioned that it is his 16 years old daughter Meimei Chan (Duangthip Sirisuwat) and 14 years old son William Chan (Thanapol Sirisuwat) who design the cover and draw the illustrations of this book. These succinct, innocent and imaginative illustrations add more beauty and admiration to the book. Mr. Chan's daughter and son are versatile with gift in drawing, music, math and foreign language etc. Early in 1997 when Hong Kong returned to her motherland, they attended the calligraphy and drawing contest held in Beijing and won the silver prize. Mr. Chan says that he "publishes his book to teach the next generation". He has such a good family education that his offspring will not let down his high expectation.

Written in Beijing, July 26, 2002

Section 1 Praise of Life


Life is a poem
Full of vigor, love and joy
Every line is shining with happiness
Every word should be retained forever

Life is like a flower
Glorious and gorgeous when blossoming
It will fade also
Every moment is incomparably treasured


What is living
It's an arena
The weak
Lower their heads
Only the strong
Can climb up to the arena and cry loudly
Who can win me


In haste, you come
In haste, you go
You take away sorrows from this world
And also pleasures
You are merciless

Life disappears for your tortures
And will never come back
I will gild every inch of you
To fill all the grids of life
And you will accompany me wherever I go

I love the sun
It offers human beings light and warmth without asking any reward
I love the sea
It has surging waves and vast bosom
Without any selfishness
I love the high mountain
It fashions sublime virtues
And never lower its head to money or vanity

Please scatter the seeds of love
And enrich the life
Please spread the picture of beauty
And beautify the life
Let the floating clouds of fame and gain
Be taken away by the wind


Strong and tough
You never surrender to the powerful sun
Being blown down by the gale
You stand up again
Being overwhelmed by the flood
You stand out of the water, more outstanding
Being covered by ice and snow
You grow up again next spring
Who gives you the courage and strength

I'd like to turn into a weed
Never kowtow to any fame
Never bow to any vanity
Never kneel to any power
Or dream of any luxury and glory
I wish to add silently some green to this world
With poetic words

Mangrove Forest
---Seen in the Phuket Island in Thailand

Rooted deeply in the sea bottom
You are proud to have your head sticking out of the water
One by one, the yachts are sliding by
No matter how the waves are attacking
You are still standing upright

You are courageously living and breeding
Never shrink from any storm
Never yield to the burning sun
You are still expanding your territory toward the depth of sea
To show your true qualities as a hero
2001, 8, 17

The Papaw Tree

Absorbing air and sunshine on the land
Inch by inch, stretching upward
Strenuously flowering and fructifying
You devote your fruit to the world
People will eat your fruit
And appreciate your garment and deliciousness
Yet who will miss you
And remember you

Your body is so frail
Your roots are so shallow
A gust
Might pull you up with your roots
A storm
Might make you completely rot
Even if you fall down to their feet
Who will feel pathetic

Ode to the Root

Deeply buried under the ground
You feed your big tree with water and nutrition
You never show your face
Nor fish for fame and compliments
And leave no marks of annual rings
You only extend silently toward the depth of earth
Singing the song of devotion
With your own life

Birds build nests on your tree
Ants make your body their home
Beasts depend the tree to keep out the wind and rain
And people enjoy the cool under your shade
While appreciate fresh flowers and rich fruits hung on your tree
Who have ever thought of you
As a nameless hero silently buried underground
And your unselfish dedication to this world


Don't disdain my smallness
My light can break the darkness
Don't underestimate my energy
I can fly in the sky

However big the river horse is
It can only live in a corner of the river
The gigantic elephant
Is also controlled by men and cannot help doing things involuntarily
While I am glistening like a star
And fly happily
And randomly
2002, 6, 16

The Wind in the High Mountain

The Wind in the High Mountain
Is blowing now southward and then northward
And also sweeping eastward and westward
Under the sunshine
Nothing can stop it
In the day it is wandering with the cloud hand in hand
And in the night dating with the moon
How free-minded you are

The black and white in this world
It is not your ability
To blow away the darkness
Melt the ice and snow
Sweep away crimes
And wash away the nastiness
You can only wake people from their dreams
And bring them back to this world
2001, 1, 28

The Sea

Far-flung, you stretch to the horizon
Incomparably imposing in all directions
In fury you have lofty billows
Yet before the beach
You shrink back
You have also once occupied some land
Yet never been able to surpass the bound
Don't think that you are extraordinary
Even if exerted to the limit
Your competence is just like this
I don't admire your enormousness
Nor dream of your wonders
However imposing you are
I will drive the junk on your head
And sail on your head at my own sweet will
2001, 9, 22


Hanging at the horizon in the distance
However brilliant and wonderful you are
You have to borrow from the sunshine
However beautiful and charming you are
You are nothing but a fleeting show
I will not appreciate you
Nor cherish hope for you
What I am pursuing is the eternal light
And the eternal heat
2001, 9, 26


The black clouds are like pressing caps
The thunders are grumbling
The storm is sweeping all over the world
And I am standing in the rain
Enjoying the caress of the Nature
I will not be frightened by the thunder
Nor lower head to the black clouds
Even if the rain will never stop
But finally it will surrender to the sun
It might still flow away into the sea
Under the bright sunshine
2002, 4, 1

The Winter

The icicles begin to drop little by little
The hibernating worms and beasts have been awake
The migratory birds are preparing to go back
How long will the winter endure

Though strong, the wind cannot turn over the universe
Though heavy, the rain has only wetted the earth
Life's strength is tenacious
The winter will not remain forever
2002, 6, 12


Full of the records of life
You are torn off day after day
The time of life
Is disappearing day after day
People are also approaching the dusk
With you day after day

I cannot stick the torn sheets once again
I cannot make the time flow backward
Yet I only wish to tear off the calendar slowly
So that the time would disappear slowly
The life would be slowly prolonged
And the happiness would be pushed to the limits of life
2001, 9, 14


The weather is radically changing
You send out warns to the living things
There are blasts of thunders and forest-like storms
You come out boldly and cry more loudly
You clear out mosquitoes from the space for human beings
Yet never ask for anything
2000, 7, 15

Section 2 Memory of Love

---A Series of Sonnets

With a girl's youth and beauty
From a peasant's family you married a rich man
You could have lived a life without any concerns
You could enjoy silk clothes, delicious foods and luxurious house
Yet all the honor and wealth of life
Were not what you pursue
You only loved the countryside where you grew up and reluctant
To leave your ancestral residence, so you gave up the flourishing
City of Bangkok and returned to your hometown in Wenchang county
Once again you handled the labor in the fields: following the tail of ox
Ploughing, planting seed, transplanting seedlings and reaping
For your husband and the children
You groped under the dim oil lamp
Silently living a peaceful life

During those hardest days of natural disasters and human harms
You always fished out a handful of vegetable like seamless steel pipes
And threw them into the pot to make them cooked
In clean water and feed the whole family
In winter you repaired clothes again and again
And mended my cloth shoes that could not hide my tiptoes
At every spring festival, a piece of meat as thin as a sheet of paper
Was always transferred among the family members
Poverty could not make you bend and surrender
You did not show sadness or shed tears
You looked at the present yet thought of the far future
You watered your sons and daughters with blood and sweat
And the pure water of your optimistic heart
How strong, stubborn and sublime you are

Everyday before the night's curtain has been totally
Drawn up, with a basket of dirty and old clothes
You went to the little winding brook in front of the village
And washed them in the purling stream
You fight against the wild storm with your heart
And ward off snakes, worms and ants boldly
You keep out the burning sunshine with a bamboo hat
And drive out poverty with diligence and thrift
Your life is full of frustrations
Yet you are open-minded and has a heart as big as a sea
You have a heart of love hotter than the sun
And a Buddha' merciful bosom
Even when you pick a bundle of comestible wild fruits
You will bring it back to your children

To realize your wish---that your son would be somebody
You always saved every fen of money
You would take out one fen from the money prepared to buy food
The next day and tucked it into my pocket for me to buy a book
Establishing the aspiration of being an upright, diligent
And prudent person---It is your family allocution as well as
Your example. Only when you have got knowledge can you
Attain power---It is your instruction as well as your belief
Without electric light, it was dark all around at home
So I had to squat to do my reading under the street lamp
While you were lonely watching me under an oil lamp
You held me tightly with your warm maternal love
Till the night bell stroke four
And you took me home by my hand by feeling along the wall

Every time when I think of you, dear mother
I cannot help shedding my tears
As long as you are alive, I will feed you forever
To reward your hard breeding in the past
Yet at 94, you abandoned your deafness, blindness and hunchback
And reached your end of life. You will never come back
You only left a faded stick. Your heritage is the greatest
Power to instruct me to be an upright person
You are now peacefully lying beside father’s grave
When flowers wither and the setting sun descends
I will also get to my destination of life
I will follow you footprints to search for you
I will kneel in front of your knees and kiss your face
And dedicate my love to reward your favor of upbringing

The Matted Stick
---In Memory of My Mother

At my pillow
There is a stick accompanying me every night
It is a matted stick
Accompanying me every night
Every day it brings me
The memory that will never fade
On Aug 2nd, 1988
Mother at 82
Holding this matted stick
Came from my homeland Hainan a thousand miles away
To Bangkok, the capital of Thailand
Three months later mother returned to homeland she missed day and night
She left this matted stick
To me forever

When I was a child
Mother fed me with her milk
When I was a boy
Mother raised me with her sweat
When I was grown up and began my career
Mother, holding this matted stick
Came to me from tens of thousands of miles away
And inscribed the encouraging words
Onto my heart
Just when I stepped into the good condition of my career
Mom---dear mom
You stealthily went away
Before I could find time
To render you my filial gratitude
You had silently gone away and will never come back

Mom, oh, mom
Your son is now holding the matted stick
Like holding your hand and returning to your bosom
How can I as your son render you my filial gratitude
When flowers fade
There comes the end of my life
I will put this matted stick
Beside me
When the raging fire rises up
Let this very matted stick
Blaze a way in for me
And take me back to you
Like in my childhood
Clinging to your arms forever

Little Sparrows

When the sun begins to rise
You all in groups sing and dance before my door
Pecking the millet that I hand out to you
You are so free and glee
Do you know my agony at the bottom of heart
That my mother has gone forever and never come back

Little sparrows
While you are flying in the sky
Please take a message to my mother
That her son is missing her so much
Please take my benediction to her
To make her smiles remain forever


The high,high threshold
Is the witness of my childhood
Mother was sitting on it
Weaving the split pants for me

The high,high threshold
Is now silently dropping tears
The past pleasure has gone away
Where are you now, mom?


Where my mother was born
This year the coconuts are once again fully hanging on treetops
The longan is also flowering
And pineapples have become round and big
The mountain forest is still green
While birds have completely disappeared
Afraid of being killed, all the birds and beasts have gone

Homeland, O, my homeland
Where my mother was born
Even though now my mother is no longer there
No matter how poor and backward it is
I am still deep in love with
The place where my mother was born
My homeland
2002, 7, 18

The Ticktack of the Clock
---In Memory of My Mother

The ticktack of the clock
Whittles the time inch by inch
And also awakes me from my dreamland
I open the window
The sun is till in its dreamland

Your shadow will always be hidden in my heart
It is your blood and sweat that brought me up
Your love will forever exist in my memory
Listening to the toll
I cherish my missing toward you
The eternal missing

The Memories of Phuket Island

With thick white cloud on your head
You are roving on the white beach with your bare feet
And leaving one footprint and another
What are you looking for

You are swimming back and forth in the swimming pool
And lying under a palm
You are humming a song
What song are you singing

People are thronging on the pavement
You are riding the soft sunshine
With slow yet swift steps
Where is your end-result

The world is narrow yet beautiful just like this
Please leave your steps on the world
Please leave your love on the world


I sit on the low threshold
Looking at the dark sky in the far distance
And counting the glistening stars on my fingers
Piece by piece, the white clouds have floated by
Inch by inch, the time has silently passed away
My heart is full of hopes
Patiently waiting

How long a distance between you and I
Yet it can not separate our hearts
Because our hearts are always tightly clinging to each other
Which can be testified by the starry sky
Our hearts are always tightly clinging to each other
I sit on the low threshold
With hopes in my heart
Still patiently waiting
2001, 8, 8


The sunny spring has gone
With you
Under the bright sun
The icy snowflakes are falling down
The flowers have withered
And the river will never sing again
My heart is floating in the sky

Let me push the time backward
Let me utter my feelings in detail
Since the fate binds us together
Wherever you go
Please take my heart with you

---During the Days in Kunming

Roaming on the summit of the high mountain
I breathed the flatus of the Nature
And enjoyed the gift of the Heaven
The white snow was covering the yellow earth
While history has left no traces

Travelling downward the mountain
I saw a new world
The Shangri-la with flowing riverlet
Green trees and warm climate like spring
There was no worldly noises in the silent valley
But only charming sounds of the gurgling stream
I lightly kissed that soft land
Tasted the cool and fragrant spring water
Oh, I wish that my youth would stay forever
And I would not long for any worldly attractions
As long as such a memory could accompany me day and night
2001, 6, 4

Memory in the Sky

The white cloud is floating with the wind
Like billows and like mounts
The sound from the heaven
Is like music as well as thunder
Who regards my heart as a drum
And beats it soundly
While your hand is still so far away

Controlling the passionate flame in my heart
And silently meditating
I seem to hear your soft pray
On the homeland that I deeply love
A bunch of pink orchids
Is slowly approaching
And slowly conveying love
2001, 8, 27

May 17th

A red pretty rose
A heart hotter than the sun
A wish as pure as jade
A common ideal
A most moving song of life
Just on this day
I begin to start my new life

The sun brightens the road to future
The white clouds build up a colorful bridge
The wind lightly sweeps away the dust
And fully overspreads fresh flowers on the road
The unusually lucky person
Slowly comes from the other side of the world
May 17th
A red pretty rose
A difficult puzzle of life

Memory in a Raining Night

The rain in the night
Is falling on the embroidered curtain
The cool wind is running across the wall
And bringing the sweet memory of the past
While, mother, your love is deeply hidden in my heart

Under the foggy moonshine
I was leaning upon you
Tightly grasping your hand
And enjoying your warm love
The wind comes from far away
Yet cannot scatter the memory in the night

Love---the Only Eternity of Life

I tightly hold the white clouds in my arms
Yet they silently slide away
I lock the sunshine in a box
Yet in the night when I open the box it is still dark
Only your love is eternal
Because your love fulfil life
And make life full of vigor
Your love is in my heart, forever and forever
Your love is the only eternity of my life

Section 3

The Time of Affection

In the Season When the Durians Are Fragrant

In the season when the durians are fragrant
The sweet songs are elegantly dancing
The slim shadow is more and more approaching
The memory that can not be forgotten
Begins in the season when the durians are fragrant

In the season when the durians are fragrant
The time's steps are in haste
The sun narrows its eye
And the moon looks sideways
What do they admire
Oh, they admire me for my possession of such a perfect life

When We Are Still Young

When we are still young
We ski on the Alps
Wash sands for gold in the Arabian Desert
And climb up to the mount of the Himalayas to overlook this world
We also row in the Pacific Ocean
Ride on the Mongolian grassland
And rove on the Great Wall
When we are still young
We steer the floating clouds
Freely fool about around the earth
The power that drives us
Is not the real world
But the fanciful love
2001, 9, 18

Lost in Reveries

I ride on the back of the yellow crane
Flying over all the lakes and seas
Among the vague white clouds
I am looking
Looking for the lost dream

The sun rises from the west
And the time flows back
I become unrestrained and handsome once again
I take my first love by her hand
And roam all over the universe
2001, 9, 15


The wind silently and stealthily comes in
Through the half-opened window without any sound or shadow
It blows the piles of paper on the desk
Down to the ground
Sheet by sheet
All of them are your letters
The moon peeping from the top of the tree
The sad and dim light
Brightens the road before the gate
Your footprints are still clear
This ice-cold winter
Is still waiting for your message


Stretch out your hand, my friend
Let’s join hands, shoulder to shoulder
To melt the snow mountain of one thousand years
With our pure and warm hearts
And weave an entirely new life
With our true and sincere affection
Let’s be content with my lot and always happy
To leave this noisy world
And find the peaceful Shangri-la
Let’s sing in chorus
To break the dim fog with our songs
And kiss the fragrance of the warm morning sun
Let’s drench the beautiful flowers
With the noble and intelligent water
Let the florid flowers blossom all the year


The blue blue sky
Like a dyed cloth
Has covered the whole earth
The white clouds, piece by piece
Are floating in the blue sky

I sit on the top of the cloud
Overlooking every corner of the earth
In the distance there is a patch of green land
With heaven-kissing trees and fresh flowers
I find the dragons' footprints
That is my motherland where I was born
I turn the clouds into rain
And let it fall bearing me to my homeland
2001, 9, 15 in Haikou

The Time of Love

The drops of time are accumulated
While the bunches of love are connected with each other
Under the starry night sky
Love is as transparent as water
In the surging sea
Love is utterly stable
In the deep valley
Love is as firm as a stone
Love is stretching with time
Stretching more and more in life
2002, 8, 6


A red rose
Is blossoming in the warm spring
Fits of faint fragrance
Are spread over the silent world
The flowers are blossoming for love
While their fragrance melts into songs
And fill the life's time
I lower my head to pick up
Love everywhere
Fragrance everywhere
And hope everywhere
The Heartfelt Wish at the Midnight

Your light steps
Awake me silently from my dream
My heart stops beating
To prevent the sound of breath from disturbing your steps
I am carefully listening to your tenderness
And raise the night curtain
To prevent the moonlight from shining your eyes
Let's draw our hearts together
To prevent the time from going on


Yesterday has gone
Has been taken away by the dark night
Yesterday's yellow flowers have withered
And their color has faded
While you come from yesterday

Yesterday has gone
Has been replaced by today's dawn
Your yesterday's agony and sorrow
Have gone and will never be back again
If you cannot help but abandon yesterday
Do forget it forget it


Wads of white clouds
The sky is so lonely
The sunshine penetrates the gaps between the clouds
You are seen sitting alone in front of the window
And looking around all the time

Countless days
Countless evenings
Countless concerns
Countless dreams
All gather in your eyes

Wads of white clouds
The sky is so lonely
The sunshine penetrates the gaps between the clouds
You are seen sitting alone in front of the window
And embroidering a piece of lovesickness

If the Heaven Falls Down
---Thoughts from reading Mr. A's letter

If the heaven falls down
The black clouds will press upon your heart
As long as the wind lightly blows
All the clouds will be scattered piece by piece

Yesterday's nightmare has disappeared with the dark night
The decayed weeds
Have been burned by prairie fire
Oh, my friend
The grassland in the world is incomparably wide
You can ride the horse as you like
If the heaven falls down
You can put it into a bag and throw it into the outer space

Looking Northward at Cathay

Looking Northward at Cathay
In the place far away
It is the season of rice-seedlings
The wanderer is longing for
Going back to
The place where my parents grew up
The country of my origin
There is well water that I once drank
And the person I love most

Here squirrel is hopping on the mango tree before the window
Seeking here and there
And stealing mature fruits to eat
Durians are fully hanging on the trees
Giving out fits of faint fragrance
The red peonies are all over the mountains and plains
And embroidering a beautiful world

Yet all of these cannot arouse my interest
Or attract my eyes
I still miss my own land
Where I was born
And where there is my most beloved

Anxious to Return

The rose before the gate should be flowering
The mango has entered the mature season
The scrubby pepper cluster
Also should be fully covered by white flowers and red fruits
Oh, home
The wanderer looks forward to going back
To your warm arms

The stars in the sky are unusually bright tonight
The moon has walked into the trees behind the mountain and hidden itself There. The light of home is going with the moon
Aren’t you still in the dreamland
Oh, home
The wanderer looks forward to going back
To your warm arms

Reposing Words

Buckle the heart of love on your chest
And tightly press your bosom
Put the song into a bag
And tightly nip the mouth
The way of life is long
Yet like one moment

The world is truly beautiful
And life is always multiple and colorful
Don't forget
To print your steps on the way that you have passed
Write your memory on papers
And take back your love
The Spring Has Comes

Fits of clean wind
Bring here piles of happy news
Gushes of warm streams
Bring here the vigor of life
The spring has come

The happy seeds have sprouted
And burst out of the earth
The colorful sunshine
Has created the most beautiful life
The spring has come

Oh, the spring has come
March with your strong feet
It is the time for you to be filled with pride and elation
Sing the most beloved song
To praise this magnificent world
2002, 6, 21

In Memory of My Bosom Friend Kegong

You are the evergreen pine on the high hill
Having experienced wind and cold, yet still alive
You are the flourishing snow-lotus on the ice mountain
Bright and pretty
Your life of breaking through brambles and thorns
Has written down flamboyant verses
You grew up from the mud, yet still clean
You have composed the most beautiful song of life

May you rest in peace
The example that you have left for the world
Will be inherited by the next generation
The road along which you have walked with blood and sweat
Will be followed by the next generation
Your simple and sublime life
Will be together with the sun and the moon
Note: Senior Chan Kegong was an old cadre of the Qiongya column during the anti-Japanese war. After the liberation of Hainan in the April of 1950, he was appointed the minister of the propaganda department of Hainan District Committee of the CPC. Before his retirement, he was the vice chairman of Hainan CPPCC. He is diligent, loyal, righteous, fair, unselfish and free from corruption. He passed away on May 1, 2002 at the age of 80.

Section 4

Random Gleanings from Life

Thoughts from a Tour in Kunming

Outside the snack restaurant is a big golden tablet
Inside is the room like magnificent palace
Under the dim light, on the mahogany chairs
There sit groups of young people
Befouling the atmosphere
They are not eating in broad daylight
But gathering and gambling

Young men
Doesn't your time worth a pence
Isn't your life only flowing water and floating clouds
Isn't your future empty and fanciful
Isn't there your position in the world
Are you unnecessary on this planet
Where is your future
How many hopes do you bring to the state
2001, 10, 23
in Kunming


Against the strong wind outside the window
The candlelight is burning and swaying
Following the light
I am looking for life

The air is fleeing in the candlelight
And time is also silently running away
Let life be like the candlelight
And brighten the dark night
2002, 8, 4


The night sky is silent
Only the stars are accompanying the moon
The jade rabbit is together with Chang E
In the heaven there are no poverty or richness
No struggles
Nor wars
Only peace and safety

I'd like to be together with the stars
And the jade rabbit
Far away from the troublesome world
What I am pursuing
Are eternal love and peace of this world
2002, 8, 16

Random Gleanings from Life

The wicked things in this world
Are too numerous to record
The cheating and defrauding in this world
Emerge in an endless stream
I fly across the sky
Overlooking the earth
And touching the sun with my hands
Oh, the fine sun are not yet truly
Shining on the happy world

The Swallow's Soliloquy

I am flying in the vast sky
Flying between the sea and the clouds
I build my love's nest on the mountain summit
Unattainable and refusing the earth
I let my song penetrate the clouds
And freely fly without any concern in mind
I sing at random
Praising the nature's beauty
Praising the life's treasure
Praising the love's strength
I cherish every minute and every second
And keep long distance from the hypocritical and confusing world
From the world where smoke and fire are lingering
2002, 8, 10

Little Birds

The night's curtain has fallen
There comes a pair of little birds through the window
They stand uprightly on my bookshelf
Looking around at this strange new home
Do you come to visit me because of destiny or to seek asylum

You sway your wings and jump onto my stretching hands
Your muttering is crying for hunger or singing songs
Yet you are pecking the oatmeal fragments that I give you
And accept my friendship
The whole world is ultimately one family

Little birds, little birds
Tonight you can just be put up at this new home
It is thoroughly dark out of the window
And the cat is making its rounds
The world is not in peace

The morning sunshine steals in through the window
The little birds wake from deep sleep
Giving yawns, stretching out claws
Flapping wings, saying good-bye and flying toward treetops
Oh, go, go back to the nature and freedom
2002, 7, 8

The Flower Girl

Scorched by sunshine and soaked by rain
When the traffic signal shows red
The flower girl runs to the road with flowers in hand
She lightly knocks at the burning glass window of the car
With coolness inside
Flower, flower
Her voice is hoarse and sad

Perhaps she has not yet eaten foods, so she is too weak to breathe
Perhaps she has a mother sick in bed with a haggard face
Perhaps she does not know where to collect her tuition
And her heart is heavy
Perhaps, perhaps…
Perhaps there is really a God in the heaven
Perhaps the God is blind
Perhaps the God does not want to see the tears of the poor
2002, 8, 1 in Bangkok

The Salt Seller

With white hair all over his head
With arch shoulders and shrinking back
He is shouldering a load of sea salt
And crying his wares aloud along the back street of Shangri-la

Maybe with the help of the god of luckiness
You can sell out all the salt one day
Maybe you have walked like this for half a century
Yet your shadow does not exist in this world
Note: "Shangri-la" is one of the five-star hotel in Bangkok.

The Beggar

His skinny hands are stretching out
He is murmuring and begging for help
His skin has been tanned and wrinkled
He is pale and emaciated with white hair all over his head
He puts an old newspaper on the ground
And sits on the sideway of overline bridge

The passersby are passing in haste
The kind might throw coins into his old bowl on the ground
While the bad might take out the coins from the old bowl
A billionaire might spend millions on one banquet
When you raise the cup of wine
Please lower your head and have a look at
The poor and the bullied in the world

The Daydream

One day I suddenly saw
The earth as clean as a mirror
The foul dusts have all been swept into the boundless universe
The evil have turned into water and flown into the bottomless sea
The poverty of this world has become steam
The floating clouds melted into the horizon have gone with the wind
The temporal sorrows and agonies have all been washed away
Without remaining any traces

I see the earth full of pleasure
People are drinking and singing on the moon
They can do what they like in the universe
They can roam with clouds and rain in hands
A long street stretches from Asia to Europe
And all men and women can live a life of 1000 years
Yet someday the earth will be crashed by a planet
And turn into dust
My illusions will also been broken
2001, 9, 23

The Chirp of a Cicada

The chirp of a cicada in the summer
Is like a singing chorus
Yet its melody is not so beautiful
Like that the workers are demonstrating on strike
Yet their slogans are not filled with righteous indignation
And also like that they are together complaining, appealing
And appealing against the unfair society
Regardless of singing, demonstrating and appealing all make
You estimate the situation by mistake and take the wrong way
Thinking the crisis-ridden world as the piping times of peace
If you are not able to protect yourself while you still show yourself off
You can only attract the birds and then the disaster of death
2002, 8, 4 in Bangkok residence

The Goldfish in the Fish Jar

Freely and randomly, you swim here and there
Yet you are always limited in the tiny jar
Your mouth is now opening and then shutting
You will soon die without being fed
Your golden beautiful body
Is only exhibited for people to appreciate
Your life's value
Is nothing more
2002, 7, 31

Water Buffaloes

A pair of water buffaloes under a longan's shade
Keeping away from the hot sunshine, enjoys coolness
The fields are now ploughed by machine
They have lost their job
Yet their mouths are leisurely ruminating all the time
Without any concerns

Buffalo, oh, buffalo
Don't think that all the people are kind
And will feed you till you are old
Just because you are ignorant
And incapable
Your flesh will be placed on the dining table
As delicious food
2002, 7, 19

No Title

Don't sing to the stone
The stone will not appreciate your song
Don't stretch your hand to grasp the floating clouds
The clouds will not be held by you
Taste the tartness and sweetness of this world
With your sense of taste
And feel the brightness and darkness
With your inspiration
Mop away your tears
And throw away your sorriness
Let your songs
Echo in this world
2001, 10, 27

To Wu Song

On Jingyang hillock
You killed the tiger with hanging eyes and white forehead
Becoming a hero because you have wiped out the evil for the people
And the novel "Water Margin" has made you leave a good name forever

And at present tigers with two feet
Are more harmful than those with four
They fleece the people’s blood and flesh
And embezzle the nation's wealth
O use your heroic competence
To ferret out the hidden tigers and show them up before the public
Billions of people will set up a monument for you
To be memorized in the historical museum

Ah Dou
---Ah Dou, Liu Bei's Son

A burly fellow
With no thoughts
He had delicate and handsome features
Yet could not distinguish clearly between right and wrong
His sprays of saliva were flying around
Yet his speech was sheer nonsense
He intended to be Prince Mengchang
Yet those whom he fed were freaks and demons
It was just because of Ah Dou
That the state was disrupted


The cheapest deal in the world
Is to buy a flunkey
Only by feeding him some Wenchang chicken rice
You can make him do his best to bustle about for you
The scum who is scolded by thousands of people
Will be praised as an incomparable hero
And a bug can be a phoenix
Only when you give him a low-priced plane ticket
Will he be like a lapdog
Following the moneybag' hip and going around
Before the rich man ornamented with pearls and jades
The obsequious fawner bends his waist and lowers his head
Yet he will wildly bark to the ragged poor without end
If the moneybag breaks wind
He will still think it most fragrant
The toady is good at calling black white and white black
Only if somebody is willing to give him money
For fawner is factually fawner
Note: Wenchang chicken rice indicates the chicken oil rice with white chicken chips made of the specially raised chickens in Wenchang city, Hainan province.
2001, 11, 26

The Dog Wearing a Tiger's Skin

Don't approach it. It will bite you
Because you are barehanded with a bamboo hat
If you have a chicken's leg in your hand
It will follow you
Only if you are cruel and vicious
Only when you raise a wand
It will take to its heels
2002, 5, 27

---Thoughts from a Newspaper Report
about Some Corrupted Officials Executed by Shooting

Even though you are penniless
You should not be induced by money
Even though you are bare-headed
You should not think to put on the crown
Let the thunder press your head
You should not sell your conscience
Come on, I will give you what you need
Don't be hooked
You should uphold your integrity in your later years for your dignity
You’d rather run among the burning stones with your bare feet
Than hanker the red carpet's vanity
Life's true meanings
Are straightness, devotion, honesty and cleanness
2002, 5, 2


His mouth is full of humanity, justice and morality
While his belly is filled with conspiracies and intrigues
On the stage he talks bombastically about truth
While under the stage he insists that
The sun falls in the east and rises in the west
Gentleness, obedience and broad smiles
Are all performances
He thinks himself as a teacher as well as an example
By which he cheats others as well as himself
When his disguise has been ripped
He will be nothing

The Big Crocodile Not Yet Dead

Like a pile of ochre stones
P1aced on a riverbank
With eyes shut and mouth open
He is silently waiting
Waiting for the innocent bait
To cast itself into the trap

Flies are breeding on his body
And leeches boarding on his body
His body is full of foulness
Be careful. The big crocodile has not been dead
He is difficult for him to change his nature. He will still eat men
2000, 8, 5

The Dog at Roadside
---Thoughts from Reading Some Magazines from Hong Kong

The dog
Is not the shepherd dog looking after sheep
Nor the wolf dog guarding the entrance and keeping out thieves
Nor the police dog helping to arrest drug dealers.
No saying of the lapdog participating in beauty contest
After being tidied up and made up
But the crazy dog madly barking at the sun all day long for no reasons

It barks madly at the sun
Expecting the sun to leave no light in this world
It barks madly at the moon
Imagining that the dark night will not retreat
Its barks are sorrowful and pathetic
Yet it has never got any just compassion
It has been dead tired
Yet abandoned by people at the roadside
To Be a Leader on the Mars

The crown on your head
Is woven with threads of shamelessness
Inside the imperial yellow robe that you are wearing now
Are all rotten cotton fibers
Your gentle and obedient smiles
Are only poisonous baits
It is a group of fawners
Who flatter and support you

You plan to rise head and shoulders above others
Yet forget that your tail is still pinned down yourself
Go to the mars if you want to be a leader
There the rocks cannot speak
If you blow the wind by following the air stream
You will be certainly not offended
1999, 10, 18 in Bangkok
Repentance Is Salvation
---To Mr. S

You look very manly
Yet ready to serve anyone for material benefit
To beat others---you spread lies
To raise yourself---you fabricate stories
To terrify others---you wear the tiger's skin
To gain fame and benefit---you sell conscience
To cover truth---you feed lackeys
There will be only one word
On your monument---shame

So That's How It Stands
---Reading someone's criticism on poetry, I feel
like entering a unenlightened puzzling world.

And proud
The jewelry on the crown is glistening in all directions
And the medal on the chest is incomparably honorable
Talented, more talented
And unique in the world
Man over men
Extremely conceited
Once put on the operation table
And shone by x-ray
Unexpectedly like a thin tablet made from elephant's dung
It can't stand a single blow
So that's how it stands
Note: Thailand raises a lot of elephants and everyday there are tens of tons of elephant's dung. The shrewd businessmen utilize the dung to make handcrafts such as thin tablets as covers, picture frames and manmade flowers, etc. These things are displaced and sold in tourist areas and admired very much by tourists, so they find a good market.

Section 6 Reminiscence of My Tourism

The Versailles Palace凡尓賽宮

I suddenly see Louis XVI who is
Wandering in the palace of the 17th century
He walks along the well-preserved
Stone pavement in front of the gate
When he finishes his magnificent life
He leaves in the world
The luxurious houses of superb workmanship


The high iron tower
The triumph song is still there
The extremely arrogant king
Is still riding before the Versaille Palace
The wonderful flower of human beings' history

Hamburg of West Germany西德漢堡
---A Giant Standing in the Centre of the City

A giant with clouds and fog over his head
Is standing on the street full of horses and carriages
With a hammer in hand
He is striking everyday
Without any end
And forges this flourishing world

Milan of Italy

With a camera in hand
I hunt for the street sights that are too many and beautiful to feast my eyes
Roofs like bamboo shoots
And relieves like walking walls
Are all exhibiting the artists' unusual talents
The open cafés at street sides
Life is leisurely and romantic
I want to melt myself into
This peaceful and harmonic world
Come up, let me take a picture for you
It is the Domino Cathedral
That has been built for 500 years
A middle-aged man with golden hair
Has also left friendship for me

Travel in Holland

The windmill is turning around
And measuring the earth’ breath
The ancient castle's mysticism
Takes people into the time's tunnel
The 10000-ton-class freighter is going overhead
Which reveals the new age of booming development
A country decorated with fresh flowers
Beautiful, elegant, fragrant and amiable
She is incomparable
Note: many a song praises Amsterdam contains the line "Amsterdam, you are incomparable."

The Liberty in New York

You are highly raising the torch
Yet the fire is extinct
The water at your feet is surging and flowing
Yet can never wash off the disparity between the rich and the poor
The meadow at your feet is lush green
Yet the happiness planted there is classified

New York

The skyscrapers in Manhattan
Cannot cover Harlem
The grattifi in the Metro
Cannot show any prosperous civilization
I am fooling about in the street
With easiness and happiness yet trembling with fear
The magnetic field of social wealth and abundance is attracting me
Yet from the pupils' schoolbags
There might come out bullets
Note: Harlem is the poor compact community where black people are living.


Once proud peerlessly
And honored unlimitedly
The sun-never-falling empire
Now has lost its past flamboyance
The afterglow of the setting sun
Is still a strong magnetic field
And puzzling

When I am walking in the street
I see the big Chinese characters at a restaurant's gate
When I come home
I hear Cantonese from the TV
As green as trees
As clean as water
As friendly and kind as human beings
Perhaps it is
The realm of Great Harmony
In man's ideal


Here the room of the two sides of streets
Is gorgeous of spectacle of flowers
Here the passengers
Are reading newspapers and books
The streets are clean and spotless
The passers-by are in haste
Yet gentle and polite
Which is the source of the nations' dignity
And economic boom

A flourishing city
Built in the vast desert
It is the crystallization of intelligence and labor
Not God's gift

Section 6
China and the World

Aircraft Carrier Minsk
---Abrupt Thoughts from a Travel in Shenzhen, Dec. 2001

The hero of heroes incomparably mighty
Upward to beat the sky downward to bomb the sea
No enemy in any direction
But now it is like an encircled bear
Silently living in seclusion at the seashore of Shenzhen

Let war disappear from the earth forever
Let peace wash out hates between human beings
Wish you have a peaceful deep sleep forever
Wish you sleep deeply at the silent seashore of Shenzhen
2002, 1, 1

The Revelation from Football
---Thoughts from the World Cup Football Game First Held in Asia

No matter which skin or race
No matter where they are from
They politely meet and amicably shake hands with each other
They sing different national anthems in orderly chorus
For a lucky ball
They compete in intelligence and strength

Oh, people
Turn the earth into a football
Replace war with peace
Replace hate with tolerance
And replace contradiction with cooperation
Then life will be extraordinarily beautiful
2002, 6, 5

The World Trade Center Has Fallen Down
--- The World Trade Center in U.S.A Attacked (I)

Man's civilization is being challenged
The mark of century has been attacked
The 110-floor mansion has fallen down
The foams of world peace have been broken
Devils want to rewrite man's history
Disasters have come. The sky is full of dark clouds
Fresh blood and hates are polluting
This beautiful world

Who spreads evil seeds
And feeds devils with underhand methods
Who twists truths for hegemony
Letting the absurd stretch and the just disappear
Who blow up the fire of hatred
And turns the silent earth into a sea of fire
The history will record man's foulness
And the endless hatred
2001, 9, 13 in Haikou

Declare War against the Devil
------ The World Trade Center in U.S.A Attacked (II)

Devil is baring its fangs and brandishing its claws
Spectres are floating in the sky
Killing fire is burst out from their mouths
To burn down this world
To contaminate the earth with fresh blood
To smother peace
And to ruin man's civilization

Don't beg God for peace
The devil is together with God
Mercy cannot change the devil's nature
Tears can only feed the devil
If we don't declare war against the devil
The world will never be peaceful
2001, 9, 14 in Haikou

My Friend, Please Put down Your Cup
--------- The World Trade Center in U.S.A Attacked (III)

Let's raise our cups
Raise the wine in the cups
For the progress of man's civilization
For a flourishing and strong motherland
For the people's happiness, comfort and ease
For the world's peace
For the beautiful future

However, when the 9?11 event descend
My friend! Please put down the cup in your hand
The mark of the new century of human beings
---The 110-floor World Trade Center
Has been attacked by devils and suddenly fell down
Man's civilization has been challenged
The foams of universal peace has been broken
My friend! Please put down the cup in your hand
2001, 9, 15

China---My Dear Motherland

---Thoughts from Listening to Premier Zhu Rongji's
Lecture at the World Conference of Chinese Businessmen

China my motherland
The hometown that I will be deep in love forever
Your long history
Is coagulating the wisdom of human beings
Your diligent and brave people
Are creating miracles for you
And writing down the most beautiful poems for mankind

The new century has come
The eastern giant dragon is going across
The historical height
With unprecedented steps
You will bring a new century for all human beings
Your overseas offspring
Are praising for you and proud of you
2001, 8, 18 in Haikou

China Will Be Unified

---Thoughts from Attending the Global Conference of Chinese and Chinese Immigrants Held in Berlin, Germany, in August, 2000 and More Than 600 Represents Attended It

The autumnal sky is high and the air is clear
It is the meeting of elitists from 64 countries
There rises an earthshaking thunder
"Oppose Taiwan's dependence and unify China"
It is an incomparable compass
That directs one direction
"Oppose Taiwan's independence and unify China"

On the stage there are majestic vigor and resonant voice
While under the stage there are boiling blood and thunder-like applause
Motherland, oh, motherland
To maintain the integrity of your territory and your dignity
Your offspring have only one voice
"Oppose Taiwan's independence and unify China"
2000, 8, 28 in Berlin

Hold out Your Hand

Hold out your hand
And let me share
Your talent

Hold out your hand
Protract the silent night
And postpone
The approaching dawn
And happiness
Are both in your hand


Between the blue sky and the white clouds
Between the thick forest and the high mountain
Between the gravel and the roots
Between the river and the grass
I am looking for
My care and my love

The universe is still boundless
The earth suddenly becomes incomparably massive
The deeply hidden love
Is silently latent
And dumbly moving
In my heart

A limpid stream of spring
Pierces through the worldly barrier
There rises the sweet song
Oh, my love

The Summer in the Winter

The boundless snow covers the sky and the earth
A rose boldly blossoms
And bestrew its fragrance over the land
The ice has locked the wide river
While fishes are still randomly swimming underneath
Only the weak
Beg the reality for mercy
Only the incompetent
Surrender to the reality

The cold of the winter
Also contains love's heat of the summer
The callosity of the winter
Also contains the warm sun of summer
It gives out light and heat
And illuminates the road of life

The Star

Why are your eyes always staring at me
My youth has been away
My hair has been white
What remains
Is only some nice memory
Do you know

Why are your eyes always staring at me
Let my dreams be true
Let me hold mother's love once again
The youth is no more
What I pray for is the love of life
Do you know


Some friend once japed to me: you are a businessman and have been at the rare age of 70; yet after you retired from business, you began to do writing. You have written your biography as well as some stories and now turn to write poems that have been published both in China and foreign countries. Old Ginger, how many fields do you want to step into with one foot?
I said to him: I have never thought that for a modern man the age of 70 is rare, but it is the age of a new start of life. The older the ginger is, the hotter it will taste. It's a pity that I haven't succeeded in any field.
Since a child, I have always been a 100 percent bookworm with lot of books. When I was a pupil, I admired Gorky and Pushkin and set up the aspiration of being a writer. I once wrote many poems, most of which could only be stuck on walls. When I was lack of money, I would also occasionally contribute poems to newspapers to get some pocket money, which is completely because of interest. On stepping into the society, I was so poor that I did not know where to get food to eat the next day. I could not consider my interest, but took as an advice the western doggerel: more money more funny, no money no funny. For the sake of existence, I disjoined myself from literature and put my heart in business for more than forty years.
When China carried out the reform and open policy, I went home to invest; so I often go to China. Due to my extroverted character, I have been to many places and got to know many a friend from social elite, officials, learners, businessmen, workers and peasants. From the capitalist business world, I came to the socialist society with a different system and my eyesight was suddenly opened. Under the most effulgent sunshine, I saw the most beautiful flowers in the world. I also deeply felt that thousands of years of Chinese ancient and flamboyant cultural tradition and the progresses of man's civilization of science and technology have together forged so colorful and lovely a world. There are a lot of outstanding people who have made great contribution to their countries, societies and human beings. It is by these people's push that the world is steering forward. We should not forget them and they will be mentioned in the history. Writers should influence and rebuild the society in another point of view by propagandizing these people's thoughts, achievements and experiences. But I also encountered stones, came up against nails and was hurt, so I profoundly felt that this society is really too unfair. The great difference between the poor and the rich has formed social contradictions, international confrontations and beneficial conflicts between groups. People are intriguing against and tricking each other for the sake of fame and benefit. There appear many corruptions and moral falls and many "man residues" are contaminating the society. The social darkness should be disclosed and the evil deeds should be lashed. Only when all the bacteria, conspiracies and crimes harming human beings are exposed could justice promote and the society healthily develop.
Therefore, the dream of being a writer once again appeared in my brain. At the age of 65, I retired from business and involved in writing by picking up the pen that I had abandoned for tens of years. My first poem "Life" was published in the 6th issue of the magazine "Domestic and Abroad" in 2001 which is sponsored by Chinese Overseas Association. My first novelle "Witch Doctor" was published in the Thai newspaper "Cathay Daily" published in Thailand in June. 2001. My literary biography "3 HK Dollars to Make Living" was published in Sept., 2001 by Overseas Chinese Publishing House as one of The Library of Elitists of Overseas Chinese. Wang Guangying, the vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress wrote the book's name. "Selected Verses by Chan Sirisuwat (Chan Yingdu)" (both in Chinese and English) was published in Feb., 2002, by Milky Way Publishing Com. In Hongkong as one of The Library of Chinese and Foreign Famous Modern Poets. Encouraged a great deal by the publication of these books, I have successively written more stories and poems. Now I have compiled this selection from my poems written in recent years. Due to interest as well as social responsibility, I switched to writing that I was never trained for. Though I haven't got success, yet I still have childlike innocence and I don't feel ashamed to learn from others. Having the idea that I could attract some jade by casting my brick, I hope that I can attain teachings from all walks of society, especially the instructions of literary seniors. I only wish that I could still give out some light to the society at the age of 70 so that my life is not led in vain. It is the very hope for which I write and publish books.
Mr. Zhu Xianshu, Chinese famous poetical critic writes a review for this book; poet and translator Bei Ta translates it into English and the prominent poet and translator Tu An examines and corrects the translation. I'd like to express my deep gratitude toward them. I also would like to mention my 16-years-old daughter Chan Meimei and 14-years-old son Chan William who were both born in Thailand. When they saw my poems prepared to publish, they actively designed the cover and draw illustrations, which adds more brightness and beauty for the book as some kind of commemoration.

Chan Sirisuwat (Chan Yingdu)
2002, 8, 1 in Bangkok